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The movie “Social Network” may have finished second at the Oscars but the launch of the Utah Section PGA’s new website promises to be the media hit of the “new year” for Utah Section Members! The new website offers many features absent in its predecessor. Need to enter an event or check the results of a recent golf event? No problem. Just access one of the five separate navigation buttons listed at the top of the page. Or click on our great new calendar to view all of Utah’s golf events. Keep up on all the local news or get the latest PGA of America, PGA Tour, or UGA updates by clicking on their dedicated areas.

The long awaited website upgrade debuts March 15th. The front page features three distinct areas of information posted a backdrop of a scene from one of Utah’s great golf venues. The most prominent feature of the page is the new “Calendar Feature”. Click on a date and view every Utah event scheduled on that day! Virtually any event in the state is calendared and available to amateurs and professionals alike.

The navigation buttons at the top of our page represent the major activities of the Utah Section PGA. By clicking on the buttons members can enter events or review tournament results by automatic connection to BlueGolf.  Members can also review membership matters and event schedules. Additional clicks can take you to our golf shop for a golf pass purchase or view future golf shop offers. The PGA has a major and ever increasing role in junior golf in Utah. By accessing the Junior Golf navigation bar you can review the “Junior Golf Roadmap” to plan your juniors’ summer of great golf activities or review the high school golf results.

Check out the great new photos that rotate through our site. The rotating pictures on the new webpage tie to our navigation buttons subjects or represent our key sponsors. The logo pictures on the center right of the screen honor our great Presenting Level Sponsors. All of our Championships and the Utah Open are enhanced by the commitment by the longtime partners of the Utah Section. Take a minute and review these logos as they rotate through.

Also featured on our site is a section for current news and events. This newly featured section of the webpage will keep you informed of all the current golf news in the area. You are reading this very updated as part of this new “Section News” effort. If you have newsworthy items that deserve a state or region wide focus just submit the item to us for review.

As noted above there are three separate areas dedicated to our three great allied golf association partners. Click on the PGA of America section and access all of professional golf’s latest information. The Utah Golf Association has a great website dedicated to amateur golf issues and the important golf handicapping program. Want to follow a specific tour player or check the tour schedule? Just click on the PGA Tour section.

The Utah Section PGA Officers were listening intently at the 95th Annual PGA Annual Meeting in Boston. When “futurist” Jim Carroll was speaking, the Utah Delegation was listening. Although a complete revamp of the Section website had been a part of the Utah Section’s long term planning, the flat golf economy had an upgrade on hold. President Jared Barnes made completion of the communication plan a priority at the recent Section Business Planning Conference. A complete website remodel as well as incorporating Facebook applications into our membership communications plan is in the works for 2011.

We are confident that you will like the new changes that we have made to our “New” webpage. Be sure to browse our entire new site. Email us your reviews or suggestions. If you have worthy news items you want featured on our site or need help navigating the new system just contact one of the Utah Section PGA Staff.

Scott Whittaker,
Executive Director

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