Utah Professionals Sharpen Their Teaching Skills

Author: Devin Dehlin

The format and content for this year’s event was very beneficial for our PGA Professionals to improve their teaching. Many of those in attendance commented on how helpful ideas presented will be for their teaching.

Teacher of the Year Roberts joined Cory Badger of “Golf Lab”, Devin Dehlin Utah Junior Golf Foundation Director, and Jon Rhodes certified Titleist Performance Physical Trainer for the 2 day seminar hosted at Southgate Teaching and Learning Center.

The focus of this year’s summit was a back-to basics, bring the fun back into golf. Doug’s presentation that showed some of the early teaching philosophies and basic fundamentals was very eye opening. It seems we have become so technical with the golf swing, equipment and other aspects of the game; we have missed out on the fun aspect. We all know one of the top reasons golfers don’t play more golf is due to their poor play. It’s very important for us to teach basic principles and make the swing as simple as possible for our students.

Jon Rhodes is a noted Utah Physical Trainer that specializes in golf fitness and exercise. His instruction to those in attendance was based on how we get juniors and adults to reach their maximum golf potential. This can be accomplished by incorporating proven exercise into their golf practice routines. His presentation on the junior program he created was extremely exciting for all those in attendance. The program is really fun for the kids and brings other sports, exercise and basic golf fundamentals into each session. Junior golf is a huge part of our future. We need to introduce kids early to the game and make it fun and exciting.

Doug has implemented live lessons the past two years; this has proven to be very beneficial to the PGA Professionals in attendance. Collaborating as a group on ways to help students understand and improve quickly is invaluable to our success. Going back to our grassroots and teaching the game is going to be instrumental as we try and increase rounds at our facilities.

If each PGA Professional taught ten more lessons this year, this would equate to over 3,000 more lessons. Those 3,000 lessons could equate to thousands of new rounds at our facilities. Start by signing up for the National PGA free lesson month in May and watch your lesson revenue take off. What a great opportunity for PGA Professionals to take the lead and help grow the game.

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