The Basics: 

-Our Itty Bitty Juniors (Ages 4-10) are invited to play in this series.

-Juniors age 4-6 will play 5-6 holes (depending on the golf course)

-Age 7-8 will play 9 holes with the tees moved forward a bit.

-Kids age 4-8 will be required to have a caddie. Age 9-10 are encouraged to have a caddie but don’t have to have on. ALL CADDIES will have to sign a caddie agreement (one time during the season) before they are allowed on the golf course. You can do that at the golf course before your players first event. Click here to view our caddie policy.

-Juniors age 9-10 will play 9 holes on the regular teeing area (usually “Red” tees)

-Each group (3 or 4 some) at each tournament will have a volunteer scorekeeper (usually a parent). Kids will also keep a scorecard to help them learn how to keep score.

-Each tournament has a deadline 3 days prior to the event. Some tournaments fill up, so the earlier you enter, the better.

-Cancellation/Refund Policy: must be requested no later than 48 hours prior to activity or event. The Utah PGA may withhold 25% of the refund for administrative costs.

Membership Fee: $35
Tournament Fee: $18 per event
*Each tournament fee includes green fees and lunch.

All members will be required to pass the rules and etiquette quiz prior to tournament registration.

*Juniors may play up in an age division, but not down (example: an 11 year old may participate in a 13-18 event, but a 13 can not participate in a 12 and under event.) Participants will be placed in flights depending on gender, average score and age group chosen above.

Click here for information on our popular Parent-Junior Series