Ron Branca Announced as Utah PGA Professional of the Year

The name Branca holds a certain acknowledged reverence at The Country Club located on Salt Lake City’s Eastside. Much of that name respect comes from the fifty-some years that Tee Branca served as the Golf Professional at that premier Salt Lake golf club. Now they have another generation of Branca achievement to add to the legacy. Ron Branca has been named The Utah Section PGA Professional of the Year for 2011!

2011 Weather Challenges High School Golfers

The oft quoted refrain that “Neither rain, snow, sleet, nor the dark of night” can keep a postal worker from delivering the mail might also apply to Utah high school golfers this year. High school girls golf teams endured the worst-ever weather year this spring and the boys 3A and 5A high school golf championships played through some of the most challenging weather conditions possible without cancellation!