Conquering the Unconquerable: How AC Cox, Utah PGA, Blends Education, Golf to Create Change

The story below, written by Utah PGA member AC Cox, is reposted with permission from the PGA of America. This story was originally published Feb. 16 on

I was born and raised in Pass Christian, Mississippi, on the Gulf Coast, about an hour from New Orleans. My grandfather was introduced to the game as a teenager in Mississippi when he started caddying at a local country club. 

As was typical with most caddies in the 1920s, he learned the game from being around the golfers at the club and the opportunity to play the course on caddy play days. My grandfather taught his five sons to play the game, and they all became accomplished golfers. He gave me my first golf club (which I still have) when I was 10, and I’ve been playing the game ever since.

The aspect of the game that makes me continue to return is the challenge of conquering the unconquerable. As said in the movie Tin Cup, “perfection is unattainable,” and I think this is what motivates me.

I like the dynamic of golf being an individual game played with others, and I appreciate the value of spending time alone while being with others. One bonus to the coronavirus pandemic is that it brought me back to walking when I play — something that I missed for years.

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