UGA upsets the PGA at the 2012 Governor’s Cup!

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The 2012 Governor’s Cup matches took place Wednesday at Wolf Creek Golf Club. The Amateurs were able to do what few Amateur teams have been able to do in the past, capture the CUP! The final tally was 17 to 15 for the Amateurs. The PGA has dominated this competition since the inception in 1984, so needless to say there were many smiles amongst the UGA players.

The morning alternate shot format set the tone for the upset. The UGA took the lead after the morning session 5 to 2 . The team of Mason Casper & Nick Drost took out the top two players from the PGA Zach Johnson and Pete Stone 2&1 in the first match. This seemed to create some momentum that was evident throughout the day. The two teams of seniors from the UGA swept both points in the morning as well.

The UGA had several new faces join the competition and they didn’t disappoint. Brad Millard, Cole Ogden and Mason Casper were some of the new guys that contributed to the upset. In the end it was a perfect combination of veterans and rookies that contributed to the win. The UGA victory should help in this competition in the future. This should fire up the PGA and bring out the best in all the players in years to come.

Congratulations UGA!

Full field results:

2012 Governor Cup Matches

Wolf Creek Resort & CC

August 15, 2012


MORNING ROUND (Bestball/alternate shot)


Mason Casper/Nick Drost (a) 1 point          Zach Johnson/Pete Stone (p) 0 point

Tanner Higham/Cole Ogden (a) 0 point       Dustin Volk/Mark Owen (p) 1 point

Kenny You/Josh White (a) 0 point             Tommy Sharp/Kury Reynolds (p) 1 point

Jake Holt/Brad Millard (a) 1 point              Todd Tanner/Troy Watkins (p) 0 point

Jeff Jolley/Steve Poulsen (a) 1 point            Joe Summerhays/Jared Barnes (p) 0 point

Joey Olson/Clark Jones (a) point                        Ryan Rhees/Dave Loughton (p) point

Bill Probst/Brent Marriott (a) 1 point          Mike Borich/Quentin Sasser (p) 0 point

Pat Murphy/Todd Barker (a) 1 point           Stu Nelson/Henry White (p) 0 point


Morning Total: UGA leads 5 Points; PGA 2 Points


AFTERNOON ROUND (Fourball & Individual)


Zach Johnson/Pete Stone (p) point          Tanner Higham/Cole Ogden (a) 2 points

Dustin Volk/Mark Owen (p) 3 points          Mason Casper/Nick Drost (a) 0 points

Tommy Sharp/Kury Reynolds (p) 1 point    Jake Holt/Brad Millard (a) 2 points

Todd Tanner/Troy Watkins (p) 1 points   Kenny You/Josh White (a) 1 points

Joe Summerhays/Jared Barnes (p) 2 points            Joey Olson/Clark Jones (a) points

Ryan Rhees/Dave Loughton (p) 2 points      Jeff Jolley/Steve Poulsen (a) 1 point

Quentin Sasser/Mike Borich (p) points    Pat Murphy/Todd Barker (a) 2 points

Stu Nelson/Henry White (p) 1 points       Bill Probst/Brent Marriott (a) 1 points


Afternoon Total: PGA 12 points; UGA 11 points


Event Totals: UGA wins 17 points; PGA 15 points

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