Terry Malan Honors Banquet at the Utah Senior Open

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The 2012 Terry Malan Senior Open was highlighted with a great tribute at the awards banquet on Wednesday night for Mr. Malan. Terry was selected as the 2012 recipient for his long time service to Utah Golf. Terry has been a member of the PGA for sixty five years. He joked several times during the evening about how he has been a PGA member longer than the majority of the audience had been alive.

Scott Brandt our District Director here in the Utah Section had the privilege to introduce Terry and talk about his great legacy. Scott reminisced about the time he spent with Terry as a junior golfer at Willow Creek Country Club where Terry was the Head Professional. Terry definitely made an impact on Scott becoming a PGA Professional and becoming one of the top Professionals in Utah. “We all have mentors and Golf Professionals that shape our lives, Mr. Malan did that for me”, Scott shared with the audience. It was a very touching tribute to Terry.

Once Terry was introduced he shared many great stories with us and touched on all the changes he has seen with the game of golf over the past sixty five years. It was great to hear about the equipment from the past and how technology has impacted the game. Terry had all of us listening closely as he told us about his first job in the golf business as an Assistant Golf Professional. It just happened to be at Augusta National. Wow, what a great place to start in the golf world. (Might as well start at the top)  What a great career he had as he served in many different capacities with the PGA Tour and the PGA of America.

I know many of the Golf Professionals in the audience were inspired by his stories and want to strive to become better Golf Professionals. Thank you Terry for your long time service and for making golf a better game!

To view the Terry Malan Trbute Video click here.

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