Utah Section PGA Block Parties a Hit!

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PGA Block Party is a huge success! Community leaders and event organizers have been enthusiastic about including PGA Professionals and golf learning programs in their schedules. One of the early Section introductory successes has been an Itty Bitty Snag Golf introduction program for 3-5 year olds held at the Herriman City Recreation Center. The Section is giving both the juniors and the mothers a little taste of the game and we are hoping to create golfers for a lifetime.

PGA Block Parties are one of the Utah Section PGA’s new initiatives to grow the game. The Utah Section PGA and its members have embraced the concepts of Golf 2.0. Our Block Parties aim to introduce golf or reawaken the desire to play golf in thousands of people. They will reintroduce the fun-factor of golf with a wide variety of people at community events, town days, fairs, sports events, recreation centers and local schools.


In support of the local PGA Golf Professionals the Utah Section PGA has invested their resources for the Block Party program. Utah professionals can reserve several pieces of “Birdie Ball” or “Snag Golf” equipment to support their “Block Party” schedule. The 22′ Golfzilla has been the most popular attraction for making their “PGA Block Party” a hit. Our PGA Golf Professionals have recognized that hosting a PGA Block Party gives them a great opportunity to grow the game. They can visualize increases to the bottom line at their facilities by promoting junior golf programs, Get-Golf-Ready lessons, and inviting new families to come play.


The Utah Section plan is for children and families all over Utah to be captivated by Golfzilla and pick up a golf club for the first time or be reenergized to make golf a fun part of their recreational life. PGA Block parties will bring golf to the families and people of Utah this season and many will come to love the game for a lifetime.

To view more pictures from the Utah PGA Block Party at Herriman Recreation Center click here!

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