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Being a UGA Member Club and understanding your role and responsibilities can sometimes feel like trying to pilot a flying golf cart without wings. But don’t worry because Bill Walker and the UGA will help keep your golf carts grounded safely on the cart path. They have created a website specifically tailored to the Golf Professional and Golf Course Managers to provide you the information you need regarding UGA Member Clubs, UGA memberships, championships and services.

UGA Member Club Information website:!cvcvvg/mainPage

Please visit this easy to navigate website to access all the UGA information you need to know.

The UGA also offers educational seminars to its member clubs FREE of charge. Topics they cover include Rules of Golf, Handicapping and Course Rating. The seminars will be conducted by UGA staff and volunteers and offered in a one or two hour format and will be customizable depending upon the specific requests of each club. They will do their best to accommodate all requests by member clubs for a seminar but please note that due to the UGA schedule and demands of the busy spring and summer months certain dates may not be possible. The only criteria to host a seminar is we ask that you guarantee at least 10 attendees. If you are interested in taking advantage of this program contact Jacob Miller, UGA Director of Rules and Competitions, at (801) 563-0400 or

On behalf of the Utah Golf Association and the PGA Utah Section we would like to thank you for your efforts at the club level. We greatly appreciate your support of amateur golf in Utah. Equipped with the information on the UGA Member Club website you’ll know what it means to be a Member Club and you won’t have to worry about any flying golf carts.

UGA Member Club Information website:!cvcvvg/mainPage

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