Tom Watson to Make only Three Selections

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United States Ryder Cup Captian Tom Watson is already making an impact! Watson announced that he will trim the total Captain’s Selections fo the 2014 Team from four to three players. The United States points system will determine the top nine players for the 2014 United States Ryder Cup Team. The U.S. had implemented a four-player Captain’s selection process since 2008.

“Giving our players one more opportunity to earn a spot on merit, I believe, is the right thing to do,” said Watson. The points system to determine the 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup team begins April 14, at the conclusion of the 2013 Masters.

Ted Bishop, PGA of America President said, “Tom is committed to do everything in his power to win the Ryder Cup, and his evaluation and research of the U.S. qualifying system is just another example of his dedication to identify the best players for the 2014 United State Ryder Cup Team.”

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